Instructions for COVID-19 close contacts


According to the information of the Estonian Health Board, you have been in close contact with a person, whose SARS-Cov-2 diagnosis has been confirmed by the laboratory and/or the doctor. All people, who have had contact with the diseased person must stay at home in self-isolation. The aforementioned self-isolation also applies in situations, where exposure to coronavirus has occurred through the surrounding environment (contaminated surfaces, buildings, etc.). Based on the maximum incubation period of COVID-19, we ask you to stay at home and monitor your health for 14 days starting from the day of close contact with the diseased person or for 10 days if a test result taken not earlier than on the 10th calendar day comes back negative. Please notify your family physician about your close contact to a COVID-19 diseased person as soon as possible. If your health deteriorates, notify your family physician once again and follow the doctor´s instructions.

Here are guidelines for the 14-day follow-up period:

  1. Use the opportunity to work and study from distance.
  2. Do not leave your home or location of self-isolation, except for:
    1. the acquisition of daily essentials;
    2. the invitation of a doctor to go visit a medical institution;
    3. going outdoors (in the park, the woods, etc.) while avoiding all contact with other people.
    4. if a test taken on the 10th calendar day since the last close contact comes back negative;
  3. Follow health safety requirements:
    1. wash your hands frequently using warm water and soap. If necessary use disinfectants, as the virus may spread from contaminated objects;
    2. avoid touching your face, eyes, mouth and nose with your hands;
    3. ventilate the rooms on a regular basis (at least twice a day for at least 15 minutes at a time);
    4. when coughing or sneezing, cover your nose and mouth with a paper tissue or with a flexed elbow (discard the used tissue immediately and then wash your hands).
  4. If you are forced to stay in a public place while acquiring daily essentials, wear a mask if possible.

In case of questions, acquaint yourself with the legislation establishing restrictions and, if necessary, the explanatory notes at and

Concerning other members of your household, as long as you have not developed any symptoms of the disease (mild tiredness or a scratchy throat are also symptoms), your family members will not be required to stay at home. They may continue living their normal daily lives. If you develop symptoms (usually between four to six days after a close contact), your family members and other close contacts must also immediately start self-isolating.

If you or the people living with you:

  1. develop any symptoms of disease, call your family physician or the family physicians´ information line 1220 as soon as possible;
  2. when calling, say that you have had close contact with a COVID-19 diseased person;
  3. describe your current health condition to the doctor and follow the doctor´s instructions;
  4. if you experience sudden health deterioration, call the emergency centre at 112.

NB! During the call, please make sure to inform the doctor of your exposure to a COVID-19 diseased person.

Should any symptoms appear, please do not go to the hospital´s emergency department or family physician´s office, but first ask for instructions and treatment recommendations by phone. If you notice any signs of illness or health deterioration, please make sure to inform us at the Estonian Health Board as well.

Additional information on coronavirus can be found at:

  1. The Health Board´s website
  2. The corona crisis website

Be aware, that:

according to § 22 (3) of the Communicable Diseases Prevention and Control Act (hereinafter NETS), Regulation No. 123 of the Minister of Social Affairs of 31.10.2003 “Requirements for the Control of Communicable Diseases” has been established for the prevention and control of communicable diseases. According to point 31.2 of that regulation, all persons who have been in close contact with a person infected with COVID-19 must remain at home in self-isolation in accordance with the doctor's decision and in accordance with the instructions of the Health Board. According to the same point, a child suspected of COVID-19 must remain at home and must not be taken to a childcare facility, including a school or a public place or area for children to play.

According to § 44 (1) of the NETS, the Health Board supervises compliance with the requirements established in the aforementioned legislation. In case of non-compliance with the requirements, the administrative coercive measures specified in § 28 (2) or (3) of the Law Enforcement Act and/or the liability measures specified in § 46 (1-2) of the NETS shall be applied. Pursuant to § 28 (2) of the Law Enforcement Act, the maximum amount of a penalty payment each time is 9600 euros. Pursuant to § 46 (1-2) of the NETS, a fine of up to 200 fine units for a natural person and up to 32 000 euros for a legal person shall be imposed for violation of the requirements for the control of infectious diseases.


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