Press Release
17 October 2016
10 CET

Enics management has decided to carry out an expansion in Enics Elva factory. The expansion will enlarge the workspace by additional 3900 sqm. The total value of the investment during the upcoming years is planned to be over five million euros.

“In an environment led by global megatrends where manufacturing of electronic systems becomes more and more automated and at the same time needs to be more flexible, we have seen the opportunity to grow and sharpen our high-tech focus. Enics Elva is a strong part of the Enics network. Based on the proven competencies and capabilities we have in place at Elva already today, we believe that now is the perfect time to invest in further growth,” says Hannu Keinänen, President & CEO, Enics Group.

“We are proud to continue the growth path of the Elva site by launching the fourth expansion since its establishment. The construction work to build additional 3000 sqm manufacturing floor space and 900 sqm office facilities starts in October 2016. The new expansion will be ready for production during the third quarter in 2017. For the coming years, we are planning a significant number of new workplaces, including positions for well-educated professionals and specialists related to electronic manufacturing services,” says Jaanus Aal, Site Manager, Enics Elva. “Elva’s city government, the local community, and our partners have been very supportive towards us and our continued growth. We are very grateful for their positive spirit of real collaboration”, he added.

Enics Elva factory is mainly focusing on higher volume production for leading industrial electronics customers. It is the biggest private employer in Southern Estonia; The number of employees today is around 650 people. Enics Group operates eight (8) plants in Europe and Asia.

Enics Elva 

Enics Estonia

Further information: Jaanus Aal, Site Manager, tel: +372 56 627 695,


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